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WorldLine - Inside the Noise (Pre-orders)

We are now taking pre-orders for WorldLine's new album, Inside the Noise

If you purchase just the CD, it will be shipped on May 1st. 

If you purchase the CD and a ticket to the CD release show on May 4th at the Lexington Avenue Brewery, your paypal receipt is your ticket.  You will receive your CD  at the door.  Thank you!!!

Track Listing: 1. Fear into Fire 2. Key on a Kite 3. Destiny Drifts 4. Bad Television  5. California 6. Broken Knuckles 7. Colors and Truth 8. Continuum 9. Threat 10. Time and Space  11. Mirrors and Smoke

Inside the Noise CD: $10.00 + 2.50 S&H


Inside the Noise CD and CD release show ticket: $10.00



Naren - The World as I See it

A lot of artists explore the surface of themes such as love found, love lost, abuse, and fragility.  Naren Schoenacher delves deeper on his first solo album, The World as I See It. Ten songs infused with sonic textures symbolic of life’s simplicities and complexities.

Track Listing: 1. Beginning of the End 2. Don't Tell Me 3. Best of You 4. There was a Time  5. Here's Where it Ends 6. Dying Time 7. So Glad 8. Smiling Sun 9. Close to Heaven 10. Downtown Train

The World as I See it CD: $12.00 + 2.50 S&H 


Saint Solitude - By Some Great Storm

The latest offering from Saint Solitude is once again a melting pot of buoyant, engaging rock songs.  The album is an impassioned and confident statement from a musician who wants to remind us how good it feels to be swept away by an ocean of guitars.  By Some Great Storm is positively adrift in bittersweet fuzz.  

Track Listing: 1. Put it to Truth 2. Construct a Delicate Plot 3. Oh Memory 4. Century March  5. Reflections of a Gallery Janitor 6. Wind the Bell 7. Lifted 8. Drawn-OutGoodbye 9. More Satelites Than Stars 10. The Curious Weights  11. Arielle The Ghost 12. Dreams of Increase

By Some Great Storm CD: $12.00 + 2.50 S&H 

Digital Download: (WAV Format, 506MB) $9.99 * Please follow the return link after checkout to receive your download link

Digital Download: (MP3 Format, 105MB) $9.99 * Please follow the return link after checkout to receive your download link


Saint Solitude - Journal of Retreat

Journal of Retreat has all the characteristics of a great pop album: immediate hooks, driving anthems and layered musings. Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dup Crosson, the musician behind Saint Solitude, weaves a collection of twelve songs that is a watershed moment for this young artist.


Track Listing: 1. soft contact 2. let's try it 3. and after 4. danger's hollow 5. dodger 6. so much for the secret 7. dream states 8. give it a name 9. car crash headline 10. the afterlife is a slideshow 11. flocking disaster 12. domino destroy

Digital Download: (MP3 Format, 75MB) $9.99 * Please follow the return link after checkout to receive your download link


Journal of Retreat CD: $12.00 + 2.50 S&H